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SHA256 Fingerprint=83:BD:09:38:26:A4:D7:E7:62:02:A8:17:54:86:7B:C7:F6:93:85:85:D2:3F:FA:BC:85:FD:88:FA:20:43:3A:20

SHA1 Fingerprint=21:1A:53:FB:67:68:50:D3:E1:4B:70:B1:E3:BF:0A:DF:CF:3D:B8:15

Download root certificate


I use this to sign certificated and revocation lists

SHA256 Fingerprint=F1:DF:07:05:6D:53:0C:3E:C1:18:66:66:BF:AC:53:CD:09:19:22:74:98:8D:7D:C7:A4:7E:34:99:01:17:A5:2F

SHA1 Fingerprint=CE:1C:58:63:5B:3E:52:26:ED:7B:45:A2:9D:6C:F1:6B:24:B7:DA:9B

Dowload signing certificate

Install this in your system and / or Browser and get rid of the warings about the certificate.

This is, because I am far too stingy to pay extra money to some dubious companies to sign my certificate and make browsers to trust automagically.

Revocation lists

They are not properly maintained. First, I don't have so many certificates and second, on many of them, the link to the crl is not yet configured.

Updated on 2021-10-23

Maybe there will be a new one after 2022-01-31

Download Kirschke intermediate CA CRL

Download Kirschke CA CRL

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you may want to have a look here: ASCII

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